BJ will drop to LW..

beat pulver in a rematch subbing him

ko sherk for the title.

defend twice, first against melvin guillard (sub) and
second against joe stevenson (ko).

during this period hughes will be dominant.He'll beat georges, the tuf 4 winner diego sanchez and jon fitch

both guys will have nothing left except 1 last fight.

a HUGE bj-hughes rubber match for UFC super saturday 2008!

well 1 can only wish

So what, you still have to go 5 rounds at 5 min to be a champ at any weight.

Sherk would also take his cardio from him

BJ will not drop to LW.

BJ got hurt in the fight taking Hughes back.

BJ will fight in two months and win.

He will get a rematch soon after.

He will get the belt.

I base this on the first two rounds he fought with Hughes. It also explains why BJ went from whooping his ass to barely being able to throw a strait punch in less than a minute.

Hughes deserved to win the fight, but if they rematch I will bet a fat lump of money on Penn, which I wouldn't have done before that fight.

sherk would get subbed or ko'd

he is not better at anything than bj

in fact noone his size can beat bj until bj gasses

BJ is the only guy I see beating Sherk.

i'd like to see sherk vs. stevenson

tyson griffin vs. sherk would be great also

lol at "no one his size can beat bj until he gasses"

That means that Sherk, Jens, and now Joe, and KenFlo can all beat him if they can last the first 2 rounds.

Having cardio is part of the game

Having a seperated rib is part of the game... if you can't breath you can't fight...