BJ would lose to Nog

But other than that, I think he'd have a great chance against GSP, Silva, and Forrest. Also, Silva is the only one who has a way to finish BJ.

I'd like to see some of these fights materialize, though BJ does need to defend at 155.


^^ nuthugger

^thinking that BJ would submit fedor is absolutely retarded. Fedor couldnt even get submitted by nog and they fought three times. IMO it is much more likely we will see BJ win by KO. The fight would look very much like BJ vs Sherk except it would only take BJ 2 rounds this time not 3

bj by black belt kata #1 or #5 which ever one he chooses

BJ would beat Fedor via cut.

BJ by Bj. round one or round three

Even after last night I still have BJ over GSP.

HHH is correct!

I have also thought that BJ would have a chance at winning all the belts, up to light heavy.

BJ really does have nothing for Nog. If Sylvia or Randy was still champ, BJ might have swept the belts.

BJ could beat Forrest quite easily.

 at least it's not a brock thread