BJJ 101 Question

I'm interested in getting BJJ 101 by Roy Harris? Is this tape good? Is the picture/production good?


What's your experience level and what do you want to get out from this tape? You're talking about his positional escapes tape and not his positional dominance tape, right?

BJJ 101 is a 3 tape set. The DVD is volume 1 plus some extras. Yes it's good. Yes, the picture/production is good. Get it.

It's an awesome DVD. It shows a number of basic (and some intermediate) escapes, but WITH all the little details you need to make them work. I LOVE the footlift and footdrag mount escapes shown.

Mr. Harris works hard to show you HOW to make them work, WHY you do each technique (and WHEN), as well as showing you how to train it.

BJJ 101 vol 1 shows escapes from the mount, side mount, headlock, wrestler's cradle, and more. There is also some guard passing, footage of drilling and rolling, and some competition footage of Roy and his students.

vol 2. (VHS only) is on positional dominance, and vol 3(VHS only) is on leglocks.

There will be an online sale at starting Febraruy 24th, and all DVD's and CD's will be on sale.


Good DVD !

What's in vol 2?

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101 vol 2 shows how to control from the Mount (several positions),Guard (5 rules), side mount (8 holddowns), knee on belly, kesa gatame (scarf hold) and more. I really like this one, as it shows lots of little details for holding these positions.


PS - Just to clarify for people who are unfamiliar, it goes BJJ 101 vol 1, vol 2, vol 3. Then there's BJJ 201 vol 1. These are separate things. Also, there are all the other instructionals on Armlocks (vol 1&2), Heel Hook seminar, Takedowns from the Knees, and others.

twinkletoesCT or anyone

How many percent is applicable to no-gi on vol 1 & 2?


Nearly everything (with the exception of collar chokes, obviously - and I think maybe one armlock variation) is equally applicable to both gi and no-gi. So to answer your question:  95%+

what and how many" guard passes does he show.

what and how many" guard passes does he show?

How many guard passes does it show?

If memory serves, there is somewhere around 8 to 10 guard passes on BJJ 101 volume 1.

I think for guard passes it's basically one but with variations. ie, he does this so you do this...

and isn't that what passing really comes down to? ;-)

Not always no, it does as you go along but there are quite a few different ways to start passing.

First off, let's remember this:  It is BJJ 101 - its purpose is to show basic level technique and fundamental principles, NOT to specialize in showing 40 different ways of dealing with one specific area, such as guard passing.

Having said that, estanmilko is NOT correct.  There is one main series that shows how to pass under the leg, with multiple variations based on your opponent giving resistance, that will leave you passing under the leg or over the leg with your counter-response (one even ends in an sweet armlock!) 

There is also 2 other completely different approaches to passing the guard (I believe they are both in the "extra techniques" section).

Roy also offers a tape dedicated to guard passing, taken from a seminar with Joe Moreira. 


Sorry, was going from memory. I knew there weren't 8 tho...

There are quick reviews of BJJ 101 vol 1 and vol 2 on

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