BJJ 101 Videos

Am I better off buying all the BJJ 101 videos right now?

Or should I buy v1 (the only DVD, right?) and buy the others one at a time while I digest the info?


I think you should buy the DVD and see how you like Roy's instruction. I bet you will like it.

Well, if you only get vol 1 all you'll get is escapes and guard passing.

Buy the BJJ 101 DVD now. There is a lot of info on
it to be absorbed and practiced. Once you gain
confidence with the material on it, then consider
purchasing the others.

Roy Harris

get volume 2 also, it's on positional dominance and goes well with vol 1. the only reason i would wait to get it is if you are waiting for a vhs to dvd transfer. i am not sure if there is a particular schedule that mr harris is converting these on so be prepared to wait awhile if that is the case.

No matter what your skill level you'll learn alot from BJJ 101, it's well worth your money.

Does BJJ101 include escapes from the knee on stomach position?

No it doesn't.


Does he have a tape set that covers escaping knee on stomach?

Not at present. The recent seminar in Vermont included some Knee-on-stomach escapes during the first day, and the techniques were great. Because Mr. Harris filmed portions of the seminar, there's a chance some of that material may emerge on the website soon.

If you're really searching for more of a *quantity* of knee-on-stomach escapes, Mike Jen has a tape on the subject, or try Matt Thornton's FJKD2 tape 2 [Bottom game], which has 5 or 6 (not the most technical, but he certainly shows a number of them).


I am not a beginning grappler but I am not good with escapes. Would I benefit from the BJJ 101 volume 1 dvd?
Also, would there be any harm in purchasing Roys straight armlocks video along with the escapes dvd and later on going back and getting the BJJ 101 volume 2?


The 101 DVD is good for ANYONE who needs work on escapes. A lot of the principles are explained, and the important details that make the techniques WORK are all shown.

The straight armlocks video is tremendous. If you want something to work on after you finish with escapes, I think that's one of the best tapes you could go for. There is literally TONS of information on that tape!


Thanks for the info TT.