bjj and grappling camp

Dear Friends, My name is Renato Migliaccio & I have recently returned from Renzos academy in New York where I was preparing for the ADCC's with great competitors such as Roger Gracie, Braulio Estima & Barral. Then I went straight up to Michigan to train wrestling with the United States olimpic educational center and compete in El Salvador The Greco Roman wrestling Pan ams. I'm 28 years old & from Brazil with a sport's science degree, a BJJ black belt under Renzo & Ryan Gracie and a Judo black belt as well.
I am hosting a BJJ Camp to be held in Guaruja (city) 40 minutes away from Sao Paulo City in August. The arriving dates will be august 2nd and departing at august 13th. please contact me at: .I intend to create a credible base in BJJ by having good basics in BJJ/Wrestling/Judo/ Gi & no Gi.