I was thinking of starting some grappling. The gym in my area offers bjj mon/weds/fri, and Judo tues/thurs
it is a good idea to train both at the same time? And is 5 days a week too much.


Mate thats a lucky situation to be in.

Judo will teach you some great throws and takedowns, great pins and some ground work.

BJJ will teach you great submissions, sweeps, great guard work and some throws.

Train both and you have:






I.E. Great grappling.

Defo train both but 5 days a week might be to much. If not physically then mentally you might burn out.

Hikikomi is the correct.

Don't be a Butt-Flopper-Train JUDO

It is good to train in both.

train both. compete in both. having both in the same facility is a HUGE benefit... one of which, i don't have.

Another vote to train both. Judo and BJJ go together like BEEF & CHEESE.

you should train both. what's odd to me is that people believe that 2-3 days a week of judo is a lot. it actually isnt much time at all to learn to throw and grip fight. the things you need to learn to do those 2 well are way more difficult to overcome than what it takes to learn bjj quickly.

but, by doing bjj more then you will gain more confidence and be less afraid to truly fight for the throw. not to mention, but judo does hurt and certainly takes some recovery time for an adult between classes.

Start with both and see which one you enjoy the most. This depends (in part) on the Sensei and students who will teach you. Your body needs recovery time along with stretching, strengthing and conditioning. Don't get an overuse injury by trying to much too fast. This is a lifelong learning process.

takes momma down

train both, you need takedowns. we must learn from TUF5,

armbar from guard on stone = bad idea

train both, you need takedowns. we must learn from TUF5,

armbar from guard on stone = bad idea

BJJ and JUDO go together like chicken and a chicken container

Judo rules

Alright guys thanks for all the response. One more question just how hard is judo on the body. I was in a car accident and still have some neck and back problems but mostly neck. Is it even possible to train without being injured again. Also do they gage your skill level when you first start or do you start at white no matter your skill level.


But maybe I want to rely on my crappy double leg and my awesome turtle reversals (when he sprawls on my double)...

I'm not training for self defense I'm training for the efficiency of the art I'm a boxer and boxed for 17 years and actually boxed in the olympics and was a member of the canadian national team so for self defense there are not many guys that i'm worried about unless they are submission experts or high ranking wrestlers and really when is that situation going to happen on the street.

kbit- so nothing to learn from Camarillo or Karo? lol

But for takedowns, study BJJ