Is kbits immitating shen? I know shen. You are no shen sir.

I think you got to do Judo esp. if you compete.



Were you serious on the doubles and reversals from turtle? haha, it's funny because I haven't had time for much judo lately (work) and that's what I was telling myself in denial. "I'll just work on my crappy double leg and reverse from turtle." Just wondering if that really is your strategy going into a match.

if ur over 30 and working full time, then u can kiss competitive judo goodbye. its tough on the body.

thats why a lot of judo guys love bjj, cos its so much easier on the joints and back

Uh kbits- you are wrong.  Dude don't listen to this guy.  Study both.  Unless the bjj instructor has prior GOOD instruction in takedowns- you will probably get crap for takedowns.  I'm 37 and fortunately do judo 2xweek at lunch time.  3xweek bjj.  Judo is definitely harder.  But as of now I can take down most poeple in my bjj school. 

"if ur over 30 and working full time, then u can kiss competitive judo goodbye. its tough on the body."

So not true. There are a lot of older guys in my Judo club who are very competitive up through national level.

Kbits - I'd love to see you get your ass handed to you by a Judoka. You would hit the ground so hard the wind would get knocked out of you.

Well if you want the real martial arts you have to go to China and learn the real Tai Chi...

Martial arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. Martial arts are studied for various reasons including combat skills, fitness, self-defense, sport, self-cultivation (meditation), mental discipline, character development and building self-confidence. A practitioner of martial arts is referred to as a martial artist.

kbits what belt are you in BJJ?

He's got to be a blue belt.  Only a blue belt would say something that dumb.   How did Xande beat Roger at last years mundials?  Perhaps you read the article in the Gracie Mag?  He said they found a flaw in Roger's judo. 

You are still incorrect.

White belt thought so

It's a fact, if you ask what strategy Saulo and Xande used for Xande to win the worlds they will both tell you:


Xande won by Seioe Nage

Judo Rules

Yup- you are right Acai

Just for the lack of anything better to do at work:   No kbits I am not arguing that bjj = judo.  I am stating that one will get better takedown training if one studies judo vs just studying bjj.  Personally my base is bjj.  I compete quite a bit and got into judo because I saw how weak standup was for the majority of bjj competitors. 

Rather then muscle around with someone for 2-3 minutes trying to get to the ground.  I decided to SUPPLEMENT my bjj training with judo.  Now- I have come to really enjoy judo in the process and have become much more skilled in competition.

^Raspado could not have said that more eloquently

Me too


De nada irmão :)

thanks for the response guys and kbits you really need to grow up you really have no clue what you are talking about ive yet to see any bjj guys throw somebody like karo does so there must be something lacking in bjj takedowns

You are a brown?-- under who?