Bjj and kung fu

I just went to my first martial arts seminar today. It was taken by master Sam Kwok and grand master Carlson Gracie. Before I go any further id just like to say that it was excellent and thanks to everybody that made it happen.

Now thats out the way.

The seminar was a combination on wing chun kung fu (taken by Kwok) and bbj (by Graice) and just before the seminar started Carlson stated that the reason that he was doing this, was because he was so impressed by the stand up techniques involved in wing chun, that he has decided to start incorporating it into his teaching, as he feels it will do well in nhb events/sports.

I for one agree with him. Any other thoughts?

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Nope. This is eerily reminiscent of Bas hawking Krav Maga.

Money talks.

Here we go..

TMA + MMA = Matter + Antimatter


Until I see competitors who do sticking hands and "jik choon choi" accomplish anything other than get their asses kicked, I will take Carlson Gracie's newfound wing chun enlightenment with a grain of salt.


total crap

Carlson also had that BJJ certification via tape set and mail-in fee a while back too, didnt he? Or am I thinking of someone else that had the big 2-page spreads in the MA mags?

Strange. He must be getting paid.

I'd think Carlson would recommend boxing for standup.



I personally think wing chun would be really effective. (have any of you guys ever tried it/studied it?) unfortunately, i think since most of the strikes in wing chun are very close range, a fighters opponent would just go for the clinch (pre clinch knock out?)

So while it would add to a fighters repertoire, it obviously wouldnt be sufficient on its own.

Goose, I've never studied it, but a few of my fellow bouncers have, and they're almost lost when not sparring another Wing Chunner.

Train wreck: Yeah, ive always thought that. Ofen questioning weather certain techniques would work if your opponent didnt study wing chun. I think the way to look at it is a supplement to your striking rather than, a whole and complete system. There are many techniques that would work on the street or in the ring.

If a wing chun man is fighting a boxer then the boxer is simply going to hit him with long range shots, if the wing chun man finally gets close enough to start trapping and striking etc then the boxer will try and clinch.

IF on the other hand the wing chun man also new some other type of striking (such as boxing or whatever) he could use these skills, and then use his wing chun when he sees an opening or chance.

See what i mean, its more about taking all the best bits or bits your most comfortable with and using them to your advantage.

sorry if ive gone of on a tangent or seem to be preaching to anybody! im not!