BJJ and Leg Pain?

Just starting Jiu Jitsu again after a nearly 6 year lay off and after about 2 weeks whenever I kneel I have a lot of pain in my calves when I stand up. So after rolling for a bit when I get up it's really tight and sore and the pain persists throughout the next day. I've tried stretching it out but it doesn't seem to help much. This same thing happened to me whe I was doing BJJ 6 years ago, it makes it very difficult to spend time on the mat. Anyone else experience this problem?

Drink more water, for one.

That's good advice and in the past that may have been the problem but I drink well over a gallon a day and I don't drink anything else (no soda/coffee/etc). I am constantly drinking water.

You should probably go see your Dr.

Calf pain like you are describing is a VERY common symptom of DVT's. Deep vein thrombosis. It is also one of the biggest causes of stroke. One of those little boogers breaks loose and plants itself in your lung or brain, and it's all over.

We just covered this in my med/surg class.

Be safe and get it checked.


Damn that's scary. Thanks for the heads up.

I really hope its not that serious. I don't have any swelling, changes in vascularity or color and it's not painful to the touch it just hurts when I stand up after kneeling for a bit, the pain is like a deep stretch. Also it's in both legs but more so in my left.

dv oh my god dvt, your a gonner...make sure you dont fly

Checking the cabinet for blood thinners....

Sounds like sciatica?

There is a condition called deep compartmental syndrome which has something to do with pressure in the calf after exercise, I am no expert but I remember it, it is quite common in athletes, if it is this it is no big deal, as I think the cure is easing up and cetrain stretches.