BJJ and "Ranked" forum confusion

Ever since the ATAMA BJJ forum became a SUB forum under the "Ranked" forum it has been a pain in the ass to get to the BJJ forum and I notice that many of the threads intended to be on the ATAMA forum ends up on the "Ranked" forum. There are even the same threads on both forums. It's very confusing and I think it takes away from both places.

I know Im a lowly mudnamer but my suggestion is to place the ATAMA BJJ forum in another area off the main forum list to make things easier for everyone.


why not just combine them?


support the sport.


lol, what the hell does this have to do with "supporting the sport??"

everything son, everything

I like the idea. I also find this set up extremely confusing. It's almost like the Atama forum is being hidden.

I wondered why got rid of this forum, before I accidentally stumbled on the ranked forum.

I agree with the confusion aspect. I too thought the Atama BJJ Forum had been removed with the recent update.

That's Craptastic is CORRECT!!!!

its a telling you.