BJJ and Supplements?

What do you guys take or dont take,any recomendations? I am currently taking vitamin C, fish oil, and CLA. Anything else? Also whats the scoop on raw foods in pill form? THANKS!!!

You might want to ask on the Strength and Condtioning forum here. Lot of long and detailed stuff (pros and cons) about various supplements for training can be found there.


I take whatever the guys @ Heavy Metal Barbell tell me is good.

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A Monster Energy(R) Original Pre-Workout, a ReHab ProTEAn Post workout and a ReHab Rojo later with your Alcoholic beverage.

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I only supplement when training hard for a tourney (protein, aminos pre-workouts). When there is no tournament training, just a good varied diet with muti-vitamins and joint supplements.

if you no train hard or alot, no need waste money on supplements...atleast in my opinion.

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You should take some Hydroxycut.

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