BJJ and the clinch

At wing chun class today we were working our secret anti-grappling skills and I met my first BJJ guy that everyone talks about. I have been trying to get better at my dim mak for the last few years training it with an in old man that lives in cave several times a week. In the class, I was able to land repeated phoenix eye pounches to the silly grappler's forehead several times and felt pretty good that my death touch was finally improving. After we finished the BJJ guy told me if he weren't so busy laughing at me, I would have been in some trouble due to his grappling skills.

I told him I was too deadly to train for real.

I would beat your ass with Wing Chun. Watch yo mouth.

Trolling and spins are for the OG, KKM.

Roger that Mr. Elliot.

seriously, I would beat your ass using Wing Chun

"seriously, I would beat your ass using Wing Chun

me to its called basic boxing and you can get it for $3 per hour at a YMCA near you.


I would beat all your asses with Wing Chun in 60 seconds or less

FatBuddha, I believe you.

damn straight, no more lip from you about Wing Chun