BJJ BB MIke Rose: private lessons

BJJ Black Belt Mike Rose is available for private jiu-jitsu and grappling lessons. Mike is a long time student of Caique and Royce Gracie. Mike was promoted to BB by Caique earlier this year. Mike has also competed and won in MMA competitions.

For new students he will charge $50 a hour for the first lesson. After that one hour private lesson will be $60 an hour if you purchase a series of 4 lessons.

For more info contact mike at

You may want to post where this guy is.

good point. thanks.

mike is in the los angeles area. he resides in the south bay area. he is also available to teach in the LA downtown/san gabriel valley area.


ttt for el brujo, congrats on the black belt, mike!

TTT for brujo jiu-jitsu



I heard a rumor that Mike was thinking of moving to Chicago., I believe you are referring to Wade Rome

dc1, I believe you are correct...