BJJ Black Belt at GAMMA

Big news in Montreal.

Brazilian Top Team Black Belt, Fabio Holanda, has accepted a position at GAMMA as the instructor of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Mr Holanda has been a very successful instructor in Brazil with several students winning or placing at the Mundials, including his wife (at purple belt).

He recieved his black belt from Top Team heads Mario Sperry and Murillio Bustamente.

The BJJ schedule at GAMMA will increase to meet the projected demand.

Up to this time GAMMA has been affiliated with Wagnney Fabiano (Nova Uniao). I consulted with him before this announcement was made. He wished us luck and has given his blessing.

We at GAMMA do not consider this a break up, but an evolution. A business opportunity that could not be ignored.

BJJ Gi tournament is still on April 3. See you there.

Wow...Montreal is the shiznit.

Good luck to Fabio Holanda, Phil and GAMMA!!!

Great News Phil!

good stuff

Congrats Sled Dog! You run a world class club, and a full time BJJ BB will only complement the other awesome instruction.

(Though the thought of NU/BTT hybrids running loose in the city is somewhat chilling--hopefully there will be some initial confusion over whether to play the half-guard or smash through it, and the rest of us will have time to get away! ;) )

BTW: What time to Ze Mario & Busta arrive for their seminars????? :)

best of luck to Fabio, Sled Dog and GAMMA!

You will have enough members to start a BB club in MTL soon... Wow.

Good luck!


Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd it gets worse:

First, another great tournament coming down the pipe.

Now, a new instructor.

All while I'm away. There is really no chance in hell of my ever getting back in shape and getting revenge on any of you, is there?

Great news, congratulations!

Will be back in May -- fatter and fuzzier!


TTT for Fabio Holanda, Uncle Phill and Gamma Team.


Ronin MMA.

ttt for fabinho.... best luck!!!!!!!!


what about a vale tudo class with Fabio?

TTT for Fabio, Kruu Phil and GAMMA.

Congratulations Phil!

Like in MMA it appears that Nova Uniao and BTT will be mixing at GAMMA. I think that Wagnney Fabiano layed an excellent foundation at GAMMA, one that requires the daily presence of Black Belt instruction to take it to the next level, both business wise and in terms of training.

Wow, great news. I hope all the MMAists take advantage of this opportunity.

If the flying purple people eater you are referring to is Amhad, he is stoked.