Bjj black belt cop suspended

If you haven’t seen the incident from Colorado and the brutal arrest and handling of the 73 year old lady here is an update.

The supervisor (Phil Metzler) that chased away the concerned citizen while his body cam was turned off, and denied her medical aid for 6 hours is a BJJ black belt, instructor and school owner! He also writes the program and guidelines for the department on arrest tactics.

PS, his school is an Adopt-A-Cop association.

It turns out being a black belt doesn’t make you a decent human being


Dude should never compete or attend an open mat again. Somebody might decide to do onto him as he’s done to others.

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That’s very true. I’m still horrible :cry:

well said

you do see folks true colors when they have power over others

Yeah, that’s kind of fucked up.

You can’t tell me he didn’t know he was jacking her shoulder into Bolivia

Don’t believe Metzler ever handled the lady…he was the supervisor that showed up on scene after the damage had been done if the video was accurate…as the supervisor he’s responsible for the actions of his subordinates, but I hope he would’ve been more controlled in his handling of this person given his background.



Btw the bb mentioned was not present during the incident. He was the acting Sgt and showed up to the scene after the party was taken into custody. He made mistakes, by saying dumb things, failing to have his officers call for medical, etc. but I think he did not fully understand what transpired before he arrived. Just my opinion.


What got Metlzer in trouble was trying to intimidate a witness who complained about the woman’s treatment and turning his bodycam off before doing so. Unfortunately, one of the other cops forgot to turn his bodycam off and caught the interaction between Metzler and the witness on video.

I’m not saying excuse everything, but being a cop is a very difficult job.

Scumbag cops. Lock them up

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