BJJ Black Belt Mike Rose. . .

Just wanted to let everybody know that a great teacher, Mike Rose is teaching out in Eagle Rock. I had the pleasure of visiting him and shooting a video segment with him for an upcoming DVD project last week and he was very impressive and has the most amazing looking gi I have ever seen in my life! I can't even describe it but I tripped out when I saw it. He seemed very detail oriented and complete with his explanations. He even went to each student as they practiced to make sure they got it down right before moving on. If you're going to Grapplers Quest next month in Vegas than you'll get a chance to see him in action.

The only negative thing is I had to sit through about 10 minutes of the Karate class before the BJJ started and there were a ton of students there chanting out the techniques as they did them. "Circle punch, tiger claw, half step" hehe.

Mike is an absolute terror on the mat he is one of if not the best I have ever rolled with.

Can I get the address out of where he teaches please? Thanks.

Should be 2301 Colorado Blvd, Eagel Rock, California. The place is called Patriot Martial Arts so you can look that up just to be sure.

Hey Greenwhale...when is the new DVD coming out? Looking
forward too it.

Mike is the SH#*

How is it going man? Well, I got two more things to shoot and we're all done. Renzo Gracie black belt, Shawn Williams which is happening tomorrow, and then Murilo Bustamante this weekend. This DVD is going to be packed with techniques. Over 30 for sure. Most of the other stuff is already edited so it won't be too long. Before X-mas for sure.

Green Whale, I'm doing good. My National Guard unit is called up
to go to Iraq, so I will be leaving soon. I will have my wife keep an
eye out for the new DVD when I'm gone so she can send me a

TTT for Green Whale Productions!

I can't wait to see this DVD, the last one was kickass.