BJJ Black Belt Seminar Chicagoland

No-gi Seminar at New Breed Academy (Evanston, IL)

January 13, 2007 from 11am-1pm

Paragon Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Adam benShea (training partner to Jeff Glover, Bill Cooper, and Tyrone Glover)

Currently an instructor at Indiana University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

A brief BJJ tournament history:

2002 World Championship (Gold)

2002 California State Championship (Gold)

2004 Pan American Championship (Gold)

2000 Machado Summer Invitational (Gold)

2001 Machado Summer Invitational (Gold)

United Gracie Absolute Champion, Silver for weight division

2000 Machado No-Gi Championships (Gold)

Joe Moreira Championships- (Gold twice)

Beverly Hills BJJ Invite (Gold)

Santa Barbara Mega Challenge (Gold)

Copa Pacifica (Gold Twice, Silver once)

Paragon Invitational Open Division (Silver)

Gracie Open (Silver)

Cost is only $30

Seminar site is New Breed Academy in Evanston, IL, located at 823 Emerson Street (inside Ultifit).
Ample parking is available.

Adam is a very, very good black belt, and an excellent teacher. I think anyone attending (regardless of rank) will learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

Are you kidding? The dude placed 2nd like 3 times. Who would want to train with him? I only train with guys who win EVERY tournament.

Seriously, though. Adam is the real deal one of the best Black Belts I've rolled with. You should definitely check him out if you're in the area or even close to it!


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