BJJ Black Belt @ Strikeforce

HI everybody.

We have a Nova Uniao black belt turning up in New Zealand tomorrow.

He is here as a tourist for 1 and a half months.

He will be training at strikeforce for the duration.

anybody want to train, leave a message here.


what's his name?

Flavio Kenup

Tony, will hge be in for normal class times and if so are we talking both the BJJ and MMA classes, or is just up for privates.

Is he going to be around on Sunday for the open mat session?

:) Ben, We'll let him know. ;)

do you know what city he is from?


he is from rio. but 2 hrs outside of rio. in teresoplis.

apparently the birthplace of BJJ. although my portugese is not perfect

neils yes,yes and maybe

Met Flavio yesterday, he is a very strong looking 75 kgs so good for some of us:)

oh well may have to put a gi on and play next week, should be fun. will get my tapping hand ready.

Tight :)