BJJ Blackbelts in CTany out-there?

I know of a couple brownbelts and several purplebelts.Are there any blackbelts in CT?

velerio pereia - war memorial bjj and judo

I though he was LutaLevre and Judo? A couple of my friends and myself have trained down there.He is a great man.

Where you at in CT ernd1980 ?

There is an awesome Black Belt in Indian Orchard Massachusetts which is near springfield. His name is Marco Alvan his website is

If this country was a body CT would be the ass. They say the asshole is the center of the ass.I'm from waterbury nuff said.I hope you get the joke.

Check out Best Way Jiu-Jitsu in Danbury, two black belts teach there 3x's a week

My Instructor-is a Renzo Gracie Brown belt. Excellent teacher-Also is a Pro MMA fighter.

Brian: Any chance of getting a class schedule,School phone number?


Andy usually checks the OG maybe post a thread to him. I forgot his last name. I think you can link to his site from Renzo's.


ernd1980, Im curious why you dislike conneticut. There are some job opportunities there I'm considering.

Andrew is my instructor. Great teacher, Great guy

Andrew Calidrelli(sp?) is a very good teacher, and also a practitioner. He is a purple under Renzo and enters alot of tourneys and also fights MMA.

ernd1980- lol settle down buddy, it'll be ok

prologix- hey man good to see you join the crew, I also go to Andrews school

Whats up guys its Andrew Calandrelli if you want some solid Jiu-jitsu training come down and try us out i have alot of awesome students and some high level D1 wrestlers training at my school. email me at or call me at (203)668-6110.

Andrew - Team Renzo Gracie

Thanks mfah. See you in class. Thanks fellows. busy schedule so wont be posting a whole lot but thanks for the greeting.

XXX Paul Newman once called Bridgeport,Ct the armpit of the country.


John said he's having fun coming down and rolling with you guys on Thursdays. I'm sure you've noticed that he is ONE STRONG DUDE! Now that he's starting to develop technique, I'm really worried....that he's gonna steamroll at September's NAGA tourney. :-)