BJJ CAMP. Anyone plan on going?

Talking about the 10 days with these guys.

- Rodrigo 'Comprido' Medeiros (2 times open weight WORLD Champion)
- Leozinho Vieira (current ABU DHABI Champion)
- Ricardinho Vieira (6 times World Champion)
- Felipe Costa (current World Champion)
- Ratinho (Master Team coach, creator and teacher of the personal security system that has been used by the biggest airline company in Brazil)

950.00 US for 10 days 3 classes a day limted to 15 students, covering room and 5 meals a day.

SHIT! If only I was not going on vacation in Argentina for a month my ass would BE THERE!

more info here.

no replies?

No disrespect to any of those GREAT champions, but I need to see some photos or a brochure or something about the lodging etc. etc. However it sounds like a great opportunity, wish I had the time and $$$$$. Of course we've all heard of the Girls from Ipanema and the nightlife...

Shit, I would I pay the 950 bucks and live in a little hut to train with all those guys!

Go to the 2ND page of the forum and you can see what Felipe Costa (Current World Champion) posted. He has pictures and all the info you need.

Lots of pics and info at...


Yeah take a look at the house you will stay in SHIT MAN THAT PLACE IS COOL! And thats where you will train as well not at some school where you will just be part of a class but in a class limited to 15 people training directly under these guys!

Im there !

Damn I would love to do that. That kind of training environment would be awesome. But it is just not an option.

I'd do it if they had a camp session specifically for us BJJ ladies, or if I could get a couple BJJ gal pals to do it with me.

This will be my first trip to Brazil as well! Got my Ticket today , Are you arriving in the morning of the 8th as well Leftbench ?

Left I am sure you will have a great time Felipe is a real nice guy he was teaching here for a couple of months.

Tell Him Doug from Houston says hello!

Here is a lot of information on Buzios.

I changed my ticket at the last second. See you there !

I'd love to go, but I'm afraid I wouldn't come back.


I'm up for Mars' idea!

MarsMan, which forum did you see it in? I didn't see anything like that on jj-net.

bjjchic, I would do it if it was sufficiently far off to plan for, like end of this year maybe. We could talk about the possibility this weekend; looks like I'll get my car back on Fri for the trip down.

I think it was peach's vacation thread. I'd love to see if we could set something up for the girls that plan on going to the worlds this year...wouldn't that be cool! We'll definitely talk this weekend!

We'll be letting you know when we're headed your way. :-)

Ah yes, MarsMan, thank-you. It was in this thread:;f=10;t=001176

Tap Me , , Prof Sauer is doing a trip to Brazil to the Worlds, I know he has a group of some girls going.

all those guys are hella cool.. with technical ass games.