BJJ Comp on the Gold Coast

There is a BJJ comp to be held at the Carrara indoor sports stadium on the Gold Coast.

Saturday 22nd April will see juniors competing and Sunday 23rd April 2006 for the adults divisions.

All entries and payment to be received by 17th April 06. For entry forms and details email Vincent Perry -

  • Darren

all the best with the comp guys.


ttt for a Goldy BJJ comp!

  • Juggs

A BJJ comp on the Gold Coast?.....Tell me more!

This competition will be held under the banner of the ISKA Queensland tournament.

Weight divisions will be as per normal BJJ rules ie

Under 61Kg, 61-67 ,67-73 ,73-79 ,79-85 ,85-91 ,91-97 ,97+.

There are kids, adult, senior and masters divisions.

For full details contact Vince.

The comp is to be held in conjunction with other martial arts events including ring karate, sumo, board breaking displays and weapons among other stuff.
I've heard there are some nice trophies on offer.
No doubt there will be plenty to see - sounds like a good day for spectators too.

You could check out for more information.

  • Daz


I have done absolutely no special training for this event other than one night a week over the last two weeks. And nothing for two weeks prior to that. Got on the piss last night and somehow got convinced just today to enter.

All signed up and ready to go. I reckon I have to get the win in the first two minutes!

Good luck James and everyone else :)

Hey Darren! How are you?


Hey Nick,
Really hungry! I dropped down to 66kg for this comp - fruit salad and water, havent had a decent meal all week.
I read on one of the other threads you were enquiring about one of the comps in Melbourne, was it the Pan Pacs or something?! Good luck there anyway.
Its possible that we might even see JJ put on a gi this weekend -
Should be fun with the comp this weekend, the surfs coming up and I just started a weeks holiday off work - Yee Har!!!

-Best wishes - Daz

"I reckon I have to get the win in the first two minutes!"

It's funny cause it's true!

Bring the pain!!!!

  • Juggs

Well for the first two minutes I was winning!


PUMMA took a haul of trophies, I dont want to go through the names in case I forget anyone.

Noteworthy performances IMO in the juniors by "double leg" Dan defeating larger opponents with good technique. Jordan Creenaurne took out his division and the junior absolute in a tough match.

Bill Simmons won his category with some nice combinations of attacks and good composure. Hard to believe it was his first comp.

Later in the night I missed the match between Adrian McDonald and Mick Cutajar where I believe Adrian was unsuccessful. Would like to hear the rundown on this one from someone who watched it. Maybe Ade?

Thanks to the coaches, refs and timekeepers for a smoothly run event and a fun and interesting weekend.

A slight correction Darren. The nickname is Dinosaur Dan... and yes the boy can wrestle! He made me very proud.

Congrats to everyone on a fantastic day!

Well done all the lads at PUMMA. Dinosaur Dan is one of the most awesome juniors I have ever seen. Hey J, how did Astro go? Good to see Jordan get up.
Keep up the good work!


Ash doesn't do Jiu Jitsu, only striking.

Great weekend was had by all. Really well run competition and some
damn fine jiu jits displayed I must add.

Beware of the "Sucker Sweep"'s blowin up!!! (Yeah Jacob,..I've named
it now!)

  • Juggs

It was great to get the opportunity to roll in front of all those people present with Mick Cutajar. Mick was an absolute gentleman to roll with and I was very glad he did not send me flying through the air to land on the very thin, hard mats. The match was probably quite boring for those not initiated to Jiu Jitsu. It was basically me pulling a mongrel half guard and trying to work a sweep/full guard before tapping to a cutting arm bar. Again, I enjoyed the opportunity and I believe congratulations should go to Vince Perry. He put in the time and effort to organise the event and further improve the image and acceptance of Jiu Jitsu. Also, it was great to have Anthony Lange up from Sydney to ref the match ups!

I've been meaning to send that Bowie up to you, Adrian. Soon, my friend, soon :)

Kudos to you Ade, for stepping up.