BJJ DVD Suggestions

you all know i am very knew to the sport but i wanna get some BJJ DVD's, intructionals or whatever to watch at home especially on the days when i cant train.

can yall suggest some or a website? stuff for beginners of course...

thanks in advance.


From some old, previous replies:

If you want 'gameplan' stuff (how to get the takedown, get control, pass, submit, etc.), the strategy behind the whole fight, I would recommend Sperry or Saulo from World Martial Arts

If you want an overview of level-appropriate material, a survey of what the thinking and doing can be like, than BJJ 201 from Roy Harris is good.

If you want to focus on specific areas of your game, like guard passing OR pin escaping, etc., the individual components, then Michael Jen is the way to go.

If you want to see famous BJJ competitors showing sets of moves, some focused, some not, often what they're well known for, then BJJ Tapes, Island Martial Arts, and like companies could have just what you're looking for.

BJJTapes and have lots of comps. I find the whole events often boring as watching paint dry (as many competitors seem happy to score a couple points and then stall to victory), so the remixes, highlights, and other more heavily edited offerings would be the way to go.


Roy Harris' BJJ 101 for the foundation, then Jen's ultimate guard, ultimate pin escapes, and ultimate guard passing. Then Harris 201, assorted other Jen, Kesting, Island, etc.--depending on what you're working on--Harris 201, then sets like Sperry or Saulo from World Martial Arts.

wow thanks rene, ill check those out later tonight....


Sperry's stuff gives a good foundation to learn from

burton reccomends watching tournments and help just as much as training or watching instructionals


  1. sperry turnovers tape 5 masterseries
  2. delariva 10tape set
  3. randy bloom leg attacks
  4. pedro carvalho series 2
  5. erik paulson killer leg locks 1
  6. liddell and adams leg locks
  7. tito ortiz underhooks

mundials and ufc

Unless you are experienced, a visual learner, and have good kenesthetic awareness, you will not get much from tournament footage (especially the uncut stuff as much is boring snore-fest material). At a high level, I imagine its great. For a beginner, it's porn.

Sperry is excellent but he pre-supposed you already know basic BJJ, and so if you don't, it will limit your usefulness. He does not show escapes, which is important for beginners, and spends more time on strategy and flow than basic core material, so definately put it on your list, but for later when you know most of the moves comfortably.

Leverton is excellent but being no-Gi by default does not cover Gi grips and Gi chokes. If you're mostly doing no-Gi, it can definately be your foundation for guard and half-guard, but if you're doin Gi, you're better off with Michael Jen Ultimate Guard 1 & 2 which covers the same stuff plus Gi specifics.

Anything like open guard, leg locks, etc. you can save until you've got a basic game and are looking to expand (since most leg locks are illegal for beginners anyway).

Carvalho is good but dated.

delariva is fine for beginning but it is ultimate valetudo streetfighter bjj and leglock tapes are not bad if your a fusion suave-art/sambist mma player
the pedro stuff is semi-outdated and sperry probably to advanced but i would still reccomend watching ufc (ultimate submissions vol.) for techs

TT, IMO you'd be best off with Roy Harris BJJ 101 and 201 at this point. If you can afford them, also check out Gracie Basics and Intermediate, but they are pretty expensive considering what they are.

Roy Harris had those DVDs on sale on his website last week, check it out.

info about leverton?

If you are interested in no gi, I am selling a no gi seminar DVD for $25. 1 hour and 45 minutes of instruction.

There have been a lot of reviews here about it. If you are interested in purchasing it, e-mail me at

Thanks and good luck.

Leverton has a 2 VHS set on Closed Guard, and 1 VHS tape on Half-Guard. Both are good. Guard covers all the different No-Gi grips (overhook, underhook, cross overhook, wrist, etc.), head control, hip movement, etc. and drills to develop them, then goes through basic submission series for each grip.

It is very similar to Jen's Ultimate Guard 2, Closed Guard with the reference point principle, but focused on No-Gi.

Available through:"

thanks alot guys!


My favorites:

For a beginner:
Gracie/Kukoch A-Z (spelling)
Frank Shamrock Seminar DVD

For intermediate/advanced:
All of Mario Sperry's stuff
Kenny Florian Seminar (I bought this one site unseen based on review on this site, and got some great stuff)

Renzo Gracie No Gi
Rigan Machado Triangle
Juan Jacque Machado's Set (Good Butterfly&1/2 guard)
Kessling's Oma Plata (I haven't bought his knee bar video)

Hope this helps!