BJJ Dvd's for sale!

Have a whole lot of BJJ/MMA Instructionals I have amassed over the years. All these dvds are immaculate. I have no kids and never lent them out to anyone!!

Since purchasing Iphone/Ipad, I have taken my Instructionals with me on the go. I havent had much time to study much the last couple years so I selling what Ive got. Phone Post 3.0

So each set is $40 and heres what I got...
Saulo Ribiero Revolution 2

All Robson Moura

Fusion 1

Fusion 2

Super NoGi fusion

Eduardo Telles
Turtle/Octopus Guard

Lyoto Machida
MMA 4 DVD Set Phone Post 3.0

Minotauro Nogiera 3 disk MMA
Erik Paulsons Leg Lock 3 disk set
Gokor chivichyan leg lock encyclopedia 
Gokor Hyastan Grappling seminar 2 disk set
Shogun & Ninja Rua 
Secrets of Chute Boxe MMA
Brandon Quick
No-Gi Fade To Black 
3 Disk nogi chokes set
Mario Sperry Vale Tudo
Vale Tudo 1, 2 & 3
Mario Sperry Submission grappling 6 DVD set
 Please email if interested. I can ship in US for only $5