BJJ-DVDs Fraud

So I notice a charge on my account last night, which is weird since I cancelled my subscription months ago, because they were charging me and I wasn't getting DVDs. I write them and tell them to refund the charge, because it is fraudlent and what do I wake up to this morning? A bunch more charges from the company on my account seriously messing up my funds. I called my bank to report the fraud but have to wait until Wednesday. Obviously do not do business with this company. If you have done business with them watch your account. I am also filing an IC3, and if anyone else has had issues with this company I would urge them to do so. The address for the form is

what is the name of the company?

The name of the company is DVD Distribution Unlimited, the website is I didn't know that they were/are affiliated with OTM, I will have to keep that in mind. It was a subscription thing but I never got anything but the 3 dvds so I cancelled and then all the sudden wham!