BJJ en Rep Dom

If you're coming to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Playa Dorada, etc), please feel free to bring your gi and drop by our new class. It's a brand new class, so a great chance to brush up on the basics, and if you're looking for a roll, the instructor is a purple belt under Fabio Hollanda from BTT.

MWF at 6PM at Golden Park Gym on the highway by Sosua

Joe (809) 979 8686

Se habla y se da classes en Espanol y en Ingles

Hey Joe, arent you the same guy that came to Puerto Rico and roll with us? If so, how are you doing bro !!?

Anyway, i wish the best for those guys in REP DOM, i'm planning to go there on vacations and visit some friends so hopefully i'll go and have fun with you guys!!

Take care and happy new year !!

Hola Vagabundo!

Yes, it's me! I'm doing great, business is good. Missing the gym where I trained in Montreal (BTT Canada in Montreal) and since I want to keep training, I thought I'd start a class here where I live in the DR. Asked Fabio for his blessing and he was all for it.

I plan on going to Brazil this summer for my honeymoon to compete in the Mundials (my bride will also compete), so I'm pushing the new students to learn as much as they can as quickly as they can so I can have someone to push me in my own training. I would LOVE for someone to come down and give me a good roll, so whenever you're ready...

Definitely let me know if you're planning on coming down. Not sure if I told you, but I'm running a beach resort down here, so accommodations shouldn't be a problem for you -- I haven't forgotten how well you guys received me when I visited you and would love to repay the courtesy!

Keep in touch.

jnATsosuabytheseaDOTcom (trying to avoid spam)

I really want to go there long time ago (lots of friends). As soon as I get my plane tickets, I'll let you for sure! Good luck on your business and happy new year!