BJJ fad. How long will it last?

I found out from an acquaintance today, that one of my old training partners (FMA) sees BJJ as a passing "fad".

Do you guy's have any idea how long this "fad" will last before I have to go back to burying my head in the sand again?

I'm concerned that I have wasted so much time and money on a "fad" when I could have been carrying on my promising career as a Kata Master.

God some people are ignorant!

He could be on to something. With all these TMA's that have suddenly discovered their ancient groundfighting techniques soon there won't be a need for BJJ.

Personally I can't wait. A couple of kata's beats the shit out of 3 x 7 minute rounds of wrestling for a lazy prick like me !!


I think the 'fad' has passed so to speak. The Gracie's no longer rule the universe and pure BJJ has shown its deficencies in the MMA context. But to those of us who actually give a shit as to what techniques are worth training BJJ will always have its 'fanboys'.


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Oh, sorry I forgot to mention. MMA is also a "fad".

Real TMA and FMA is where it's at!

There has definitely been a change in the public's (both MA savy and not) perception of BJJ during recent years.

The idea that it is/was somehow 'beyond' the various issues/problems one associates with other TMA's has been put to rest: the increasingly relevence and emphasis of 'lineage'(sp?) and rank is probably the best indicator that BJJ has now moved into the realm of a TMA itself. Whether this is a good or bad thing probably doesn't concern 90% of the population, as most people will continue playing BJJ until such point that they 1/ cannot do it any longer or 2/ get bored of it. The other 10% of participants are always chasing the next big thing...

Clearly participation is still strong (as evidenced by recent competitions etc) but growth appears to have plateaued. It makes me wonder which bandwagon the current would be fight-sport participant is currently on.

BJJ will stop being popular when something better becomes available.

every serious mmaer needs to know submission, but(I think) the bjjmma fighters will cross over into the schools that do wrestling and standup as well as submission.... I think the "my one style is better than other style" attitude is the fad that is passing, and bjjers will get left behind in mma if they do not do everything because the others(stand up and wrestling mma fighters) certainly will learn submission. I have dozens of bjj head freinds that can keep up with and beat me on the mat(esp. in a gi) but would not last 30 secs in the ring, have no chance of taking me down and have no idea of how to fight standing up.

I have to take something back........... i hardly ever get submitted no gi..

'but would not last 30 secs in the ring, have no chance of taking me down'

Do you really think you can counter the devastatingly effective butt scoot? Pffftt... ninja, please.

I'll be glad when this damn fad is over and I can go back to karate. BJJ is just too hard!

not the ninja, trained with olympic f/s wrestler and aust champ k/boxer i've only been bjjing 4 about 8 years... no disrespect.... everything is great not just bjj and ninjitsu:-/.. thats why this is mma site not