BJJ FC Promotions

I would like to congratulate the following people on their blue belts:

Doug Spence

Alex Siedule

Gord Olsen

Congratulations guys, you deserve it! Keep training hard and welcome to the prestigius blue belt club, there are very few of you in Canada...

Thank-you Esfiha for the dedication and support you show to our club even though it is across the country. You are a true friend and an excellent instructor. We are progressing well because of you. Thank-you my friend! I hope to see you back in a couple of months...

Alex Roque
BJJ Fight Club

Congrats everyone!

Thank you Alex and all the guys there.

Congrats to the new blue belts!


hey guys i put some pics from calgary on the site .


Congrats to your students Alex from all the guys @ let's roll edmonton!Keep rollin!


Kyle, you putting on any tourneys this year?

congrats guys.

Brad Cardinal