BJJ forum roll call

Tony Kovalov

Blue Belt

24 years old

Shawn William's BJJ in Hollywood CA

Andreh kicks my ass every Sunday morning at Rey Diogo's too

Kris Panijpan


Blue under Barra London, currently training at Bangkok Fight Club

Bangkok, Thailand

Tripp Owings

Age 26

No rank as I never trained with the gi and no longer train period.

Formerly of the HardCore Gym in Athens ga.



Purple under Koji Murakami

Montreal BJJ, Revolution team.

Rick Sundermann


Blue when I trained with the gi

not affiliated with any instructor at this time

Maiden/Gringo Name: Luke Beston


Belt: Marrom

When in my birth-country (Australia) I teach/train at the Beston-Gracie chain of academies.

When in Brazil I train with various members of my family-in-law.

Stuart Langley
Blue Belt
Roger Gracie Academy (Barra London)

HOLY MOLY - Luke Beston posted!

Haven't seen him in forever :)

Don Richard

31 yrs old

Brown belt in BJJ

Shodan in Judo

Team Caique BJJ

Warrior Way


Joe Waldrop 26 Purple Belt/ Under Relson Gracie/couple years wrestling/Judo Georgetown SC "Semper Fidelis" (Those who give blood, balls and sweat on the mat or in the ring will be criticized by those who do not understand, mocked by those who can't do it, and pushed to the limit by the few with the same unknown)

Rebecca Fenton


Blue belt

I train under Luke Beston in his chain of academies when he is in his birth country

(sswturtle - Tim, do you know Matt who came to visit us this year?)

James Fulton

22 yrs old

3 stripe blue belt in BJJ

White belt in judo

I train BJJ at Performance Jiu-Jitsu in NJ under Royler Gracie Blackbelt Lou Vintaloro.

I train Judo at the same spot under 3x olympian Celita Schutz.

I wrestled for 9 years

Clint Crabtree

39 y.o. brown belt- Team Jorge Gurgel

Grand Rapids, Mi

Jay Zeballos

38 years young

Brown Belt

Jean Jacques Machado

Javier Ramos


Purple belt



Steve Whittier


Brown Belt (under Roberto Maia/Boston BJJ)

President of Nexus Martial Arts

BJJ affiliations: SBGI and Team KenFlo

Scott Hewitt


Brown Belt

Owner/Head Instructor
Titan Martial Arts

Renato Tavares Affiliate (ATT)



freestyle jiujitsu black belt from new york.

my style is the art of fighting without fighting.

not actively training. dont post much here any more either.

too busy lifting weights and chasing girls.

Jon Shotter
Blue Belt
Roger Gracie Academy




G.S.W. Wellington: New Zealand

Affiliate to John Will