BJJ gi's in Brisbane?

Been trying to track down a store that stocks some good quality gi's in Brisbane ... I'm looking for a Koral, Kurgans, or a BadBoy

I'm 188cm and 80kgs so i was unsure about getting one off the net because i'm not 100% of my size.

Any Suggestions?


Contact Eduardo DIAS on 0422736780 hye can hook you up.

Soon we will have a line of gi's available through


Goto and you will get a Krugan for around $140 to $150 within about a week.

I'm with keats on this one

Thats why i need a blue name! :)

also on you will find a chart with the sizes to help you.

Cheers guys ... thanks for the help.

I'm going to grab a Kurgans Tribal from

What is the go when you get something from mmagear etc re import duties, GST, etc?

Does it add to the price? Does mmagear give you an all-inclusive price or do you have to settle the taxes with Australian Customs when picking it up?

i'll have something to say about this in a month or so ...til then ttt ;)

You only pay the price advertised +$3 to Australia and they are packed as low value gifts or samples to avoid taxes. Pretty good deal i think.

I'd stear clear of the GAMENESS gi cause they are apparently knockoffs that MMAGEAR is selling. Grapplegear US told me this.
- Juggs

Talk to your friendly neighbourhood BJJ people, and they'll hook you up. I got a good Koral from a PDB school.