BJJ & Grappling School Directory

I've significantly improved and updated the Grapplearts Grappling School Directory.  It is now a searchable database (e.g. you can search for "MMA" in "Ohio"). New listings are being added all the time. I'd appreciate it if forum members could make sure that their school is listed in the directory and/or get the head instructor to add it. 

To search for a school goto

To enter your school info goto

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In the first 36 hours of operation of the new database:

a - I've sent out c. 500 emails to every school in the old directory

b - over 100 school listings were added to the database

c - I've had to add two new countries to the selection list: welcome Slovakia and South Africa

d - we've almost got the editing function up and running, so that you can update your listing(s)

e - I think I've got incipient carpal tunnel syndrome from working at my computer so much



I guess there is nothing in Florida yet except One Dragon for now.

The new (searchable) database is still having schools added to it on a daily basis.  If you're looking for Florida schools you can check the old (non-searchable) directory here:




Nice site.....Good Luck with it.