BJJ guy disrupts LA to DC flight

Traveler Charged in Disrupting Flight to Va.

Man Tried to Open Plane's Cabin Door

Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, September 14, 2006; Page B01

A professional jujitsu fighter from Brazil sat in a Loudoun County jail yesterday on a felony charge that he tried to open the cabin door of a Dulles-bound airliner as it cruised at 30,000 feet over Tennessee.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, 43, missed his appearance in court yesterday morning because he fought with sheriff's deputies who came to escort him, Loudoun authorities said. He is expected to be arraigned today on a state charge of interfering with an aircraft's operations.


Weierman said de Oliveira is a professional jujitsu competitor, and he listed his occupation on his booking sheet as "professional fighter." Brazilian jujitsu is a form of the ancient martial art that has been gaining popularity in Northern Virginia in recent years.

The United flight took off with 138 passengers and six crew members, said Megan McCarthy, a United spokeswoman. About 3 1/2 hours into the flight, she said, "a passenger, for whatever reason, did attempt to open an exit door" at the rear of the aircraft.

Passenger Ken Wolfenbarger said he noticed a man fiddling with gadgets stashed in his pocket while he stood in the aisle. He then whipped out a long black belt with two metal hooks on either end and wrapped them around his fists, Wolfenbarger said.

Wolfenbarger said the man was dressed in a heavy camouflage jacket, fatigues and dark wraparound glasses, but FBI officials said de Oliveira was not wearing camouflage when he was interviewed.

Suddenly, Wolfenbarger said, the man turned down the aisle toward the plane's rear galley. "I heard a ruckus, and then the airline stewardess started yelling, 'Please help us! Help us! Help us!' " said Wolfenbarger, 44, of Whittier, Calif. "As soon as I heard that, I climbed over the other seat to the aisle. I knew the plane was in trouble, and I said, 'I am not going to die on this flight.' "

Weierman said the door would not open because the cabin is pressurized. Officials concurred that de Oliveira had been acting in an odd manner before the incident, walking up and down the aisle.

"He was strutting his stuff, just sort of checking everyone out," said one law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is ongoing.


Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, 43, was subdued by fellow passengers when he tried to open a cabin door. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira, 43, was subdued by fellow passengers when he tried to open a cabin door.
Photo Credit: Loudoun County Sheriff's Office order to pre-empt the inevitable wiseguy:

What does this say about the effectiveness of BJJ against multiple untrained opponents?


It says, "two days ago called, it wants its thraed back".

The article was published today. 

The incident didn't even happen until Tuesday night - was his name really released that quickly?

I ran a few searches for related thread titles and didn't find anything.

soon belts will be outlawed

...and then only outlaws will wear belts

gives up no-gi game and start doning the gi

Who is he affiliated with?

I read this earlier...I agree with JJB, bad for the sport...

Yet another reason why Judo is greater than Jiu Jitsu.

It says, "two days ago called, it wants its thraed back".

"The article was published today."

HA HA! What a fool.

"Its Jean Luke Picard!"

F. Murray Abraham, imo.



BJJ Revolution Team Black Belt

He took Gold in the Senior 2 Blackbelt Middle Weight at this years Europeans, listed as BTT.

This is the second time a BJJ guy from Brazil has freaked out on a plane and been arrested. Whats up with that shit.

I don't get it, so what was he trying to do? Open the emergency exit during the flight? The freak??!!

You'd think that someone wearing camo gear and acting odd might have been searched well enough to find belts with spikes on given the fact you can't even take a soft drink onto a flight these days.

He's actually from SUL Jiu Jistu under Sperry & Paradeda in Porto Alegre.

I've trained with this guy in Brazil @ BTT - he's from BTT but when he's here in the US he trains and competes under our team, BJJ Revolution Team because of our close ties to BTT.

He always seemed CRAZY. This story is certainly CRAZY. He done messed up!


HA HA! What a fool.

Eh?  When was the last time you know of that the WashPost ran a major story on a BJJ guy (attempting to open the cabin door of an airliner while in flight no less)?  Vera got a story a few months ago, but this is of an entirely different nature, IMO