BJJ Hartford CT

I am gonna be in Hartford CT for work for 2 straight weeks and was hoping to find someplace to train. Any ideas guys????

unfortunately, I will be carless, but I don't think I can go without training for 2 weeks. that would just suck.


Here are some options:

Rick Torres (posts here as Rick T) is a Rorion Gracie affiliate who teaches in Wethersfield (just South of Hartford). Rick's an awesome guy, and is fun to train with.

Jim Hughes has a Royce Gracie affiliated gym in West Hartford. His site is Jim is a very, very nice guy.

I am in Middletown, which is about 25 minutes south of Hartford. I've been an instructor under Roy Harris for two years. I've got BJJ and standup classes as well. BUT I will be away from 9/11 to 9/19 doing Roy's JKD instructor course, so during that week I will not be holding classes.

In addition, there are a number of fabulous Judo clubs around, but I only really know the 2 in Middletown firsthand.

Hope this helps!


TT thanx for the kind words. However I too will be out of town during the second week of September 8-14 doing the Gracie Cruise. Judok@: you can give me a call at
work(860)666-4613 7am-3pm EST ask for Master Sergeant Torres, hopefully I could get you some mat time. My place is just 200 yards south over the Hartford city line in the town of Wethersfield. Buses run to my area and West Hartford center where Jim's place is located. WELCOME TO HARTFORD!!!

Hey Adam- We have a school in West Hartford. We are a Royce Gracie affiliate under Jim Hughes...Great school, lots of tough blue and purple belts and a really nice environment full of chill heads.

We train Tuesday/Thursday Morning 6:30AM Night 7:30PM
Saturday we have boxing at 3PM and jiu jitsu open mat at 6PM...the boxing is great...taught by Pepe of the best trainers around.
Sunday 10:30AM- is jiu jitsu as well.

Feel free to drop me a line if you need more info or directions...Where will you be staying?
Take care-Brad

Irain with RickT come on down you will not be dissapointed, great learning enviorment, highly reccomended!!

EST103 is right, at Rick's school you are treated like family, at other schools you are treated like a VISA or MASTER CARD...

latinosoy100 how you be bro? see you on sunday- one ouf your resvreve guys is going to Iraq and there is a going away party at Hooter 10-1-04 at 6:00pm- $20.00 come on down and bring the boys hope to see ya there- laz

Thanx for the kind words guys.Connecticut and the greater Hartford area have a few good places to train:
West Hartford, Middletown, Wethersfield, North Haven, Derby, Norwich...
Find one and get on the mat!!!

C U at Hooters EST 103!!!

I have dropped into the West Hartford school when in Glastonbury on business.

Nice guys, good training. In fact, I took a cab over and they would not let me take one back. Someone gave me a ride so I could stay and roll after class.

Can't go wrong there.

I train with rick and he is a great person and teacher, I would like to say we are like family and we enjoy good company.

If you had trained with Rick HE WOULD HAVE PICKED YOU UP!!!and brought you back to wherever you were staying, either him or any of his students!!