BJJ History Question

Sorry topic should be pluralized.

1)Where and when was the first BJJ academy outside of Brazil established?

2)Did Carley Gracie enter any Judo tournaments in the US during the 1970s?

3)When did Black Belt magazine do their first BJJ feature?

i know Carley and he moved here around '78 and was in the florida and texas areas as well as the NY area. he floated around and ended up in the SF bay area. as far as official Judo tournaments i am not sure, but i know of a few dojo matches he talked about. Carley does not get the respect he diserves, his knowlage and insight go deep. his style is very basic (but thats what works right? just ask Rodger). after almost 18 years of training in BJJ/GJJ his tech and stratagies are what i use the most. still working on my cross choke though.

sorry i could not help with the other stuff

Is Carley still the family outcast?

Carley must have been a very good fighter back in the day because he is mentioned alot in many articles dealing with the early history of Bjj in the 70s in Brazil in many Brazilian Bjj magazines like OTATAME and GracieMag.

Does anyone know exactly where In Miami he taught In the 70s. Phone Post

He also taught the Marines in Quantico,VA and in Maryland but I have never heard of where in Maryland.