BJJ in Australia

Hi everyone. I am interested to know if anyone has ever trained BJJ in Australia. Especially if you have tried different BJJ instructors there and what do you think the pro and cons of training under each instructor or particular schools. Thank you for your attention. The instructors are: Marcelo Rezende, Paulo Guimares, Peter De Been, John Will and John Donahue. Thanks guys.

Thanks, what is the web address for that forum. Has any other tried to train under different instructors than WillMachado association? What do you think the pro and cons for each assosiation and instructors. thanks a lot.

I actually train with ELvis SInosic and Anthony Perosh, but haven't trained with anyone else. I may be biased, but i truelly believe it is a great club, and probably the best in Australia. It is reletively new, just being open over two years yet we, as a large proportion of the machado's are coming equal first in the NSW comp. at the moment.

The "Australiasia" forum is linked under "international forums"

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I am looking for other alternative besides Will Machado association. I have tried them and was not happy with the instruction and attitude. Was hoping to get some info on Peter De Been, Paulo Guimares and Marcelo REzende.Thanks.

not happy with instruction and attitude..???

Peter De Been is in Melbourne and Paulo and Marcelo are in Sydney.

Just wondering how you can classify a school you have never trained at with instructors you have never trained with based on an experience at another school connected only through name association? If the instructor you had the bad experience with ran the gym in Australia i could understand, but otherwise, i don't really follow your logic.

I have taken classes there, private lessons, competed in their tournament, headbutted many times during tournament where the refrees saw and did nothing. I have traveled to the schools from overseas several times in the last 2 years. I was not happy with the teaching attitude and I felt like I was not welcome. Therefore, if I have to stay within the same organization at a different gym, I expect the same treatment. Therefore, as a normal customer, I am looking for alternatives. I hope you guys can give some points of views. thx

I currently train with Peter de Been in Melbourne (St. Kilda).

As far as the pros go, he is a great teacher, and very concept-based as opposed to technique-based. We generally tend to get a concept, such as a position or guard variation, and work that over a couple of weeks or so. I feel that his approach and teaching has improved my game immensely since I moved there, after training using a more technique-based approach at my previous club (Monash Uni BJJ).

There is also a larger number of classes a week than most other BJJ clubs, enabling you to train as often as you want/can. Whilst a few of these (at St. Kilda) are not run by Pete, he is in during all the afternoon and evening classes, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check for class times

Cons: If you're expecting Vale Tudo/MMA classes, you're not going to get it at the moment. Whilst we do have a boxing class once a week that has recently started, we're working basics at the moment, and whilst we may do some MMA work in the future, sport BJJ will continue to be the main focus of the club.

Anyhow, if you're ever down in our neck of the woods, you're welcome to come down and train

Hi luppabroni,

All the names mentioned on this thread have great Jiu Jitsu, all world class as both grapplers and instructors and you'd be lucky to train with any of them.

The best advice usually given is to check out all of the schools you're interested in and see which best suits you personally.

Besides the names you've mentioned, one other which you may be interested in is my instructor Prof. Bruno Panno, who is a Royler Gracie black belt. You can read about him at

There are also some other black belts you may not be aware of scattered around Aus - check out the forum into page to the Aussie Q&A you should find links to pretty much all of them there.

I'm not a black belt, but if you're ever in the Newcastle area you're more than welcome to train at my Academy. I've travelled o/s a lot to train jiu jitsu and people have always been fantastic to me so I always try and show the same hospitality. Email me anytime luke_beston at

Thanks guys. That help. I am intereseted in learning both about Peter de Been and Bruno Panno. Does Peter academy also trains with No Gi? How often? For Luke. could you please tell me about the Intensive BJJ camp?Thanks

Hi Luppa,

my name is Rodney and I train/coach at Extreme Sydney which is located at Boxing Works gym -

I agree with what luke said about checking out the schools, so i guess i'll give you a heads up about us.

We are affiliated with John Donehue (as he lives in Melbourne). In my opinion JD is the best grappling coach in Australia and should be checked if you're in Melbourne.

Here in Sydney, I teach the BJJ. I have a brown belt i received whilst living in Rio and training at Nova Uniao. Also, we have Larry and Alex who were both ranked #1 in A Class Shooto Japan. On top of this our wrestling coach, Sam, is a former USSR olympic coach. And... we have professional boxers training and coaching here....

We're in the middle of the Sydney city, so feel more than welcome to pop your head in.



Thanks guys, you are all have been very helpful. I live overseas and I have a wife and two children. Therefore, everytime I visit Australia, I left my family. Therefore, I cannot visit each school during my trip and decide later cause I don't live there. That would be to expensive and take too long. My problem with previous school is that because the school was too big and the instructor is too busy making money. So it seemed that everytime I took private lessons, I felt the instructor was rushing me.

That is why I am interested to know more about how the instructor teach. I hope Luke can answer me about Bruno's BJJ intensive Camp or NSLO experience with Peter.

NSLO said that Peter teach more concepts than techniques. I like this. If you guys have seen Matt Thornton tapes on groundfighting, he teaches more concept based and I like that. If Peter is similar in style with Matt, that I might pick him next time I visit.

As for Marcelo and Brunno, well I want to check them out too. I have always happy with my previous Brazilian instructors. Mosly are nice guys. It's just not all of them good at teaching. So I need input here.

As for JD, I know he's awesome, but I heard from students and my previous school, he often hurt his students during training. I don't want to find that out.

Once again, thanks guys.

Luppabroni -

No gi is once a week, on Wednesday afternoon from 2:00 - 3:30. Usually starts a little later and goes on a bit longer though.

You should also check out Carlson Gracie Jr. Brown Belt, Ben Hall. He is in Melbourne. Go to


Thanks Colin, Just seen the post. I am the head instructor for Carlson in Australia. We have a fulltime academy in Melbourne teaching all aspects of BJJ.
If you want any info about training in Melbourne feel free to drop me an email:

OR our website which Colin got almost right :)


Ben Hall.

Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu



All the above posts are correct. I'm sure you will find all the schools in oz quite good.

In the end, you won't really know what a school is like until you go, so if I was you I'd try the closest school to where you are staying.

If you are coming here specifically to train, then the major cities (sydney or melbourne) are your best bet and just try them out.

It really shouldn't be anymore expensive to try a few schools out than to stay at one, (in fact it maybe be cheaper to roam and try the free classes ;) ).


For more information on Bruno Panno's Intensive BJJ camp, please check out his website - (just click on the banner)

If you have more questions email Bruno (his contact details are on the page). He is very quick to return emails and will be happy to help you.



Thank you for all of your help guys. That really help. I think my plan every time I visit I plan to stay a week to try the privates and regular classes. From all I see, it seems that Bruno Panno might have the best choice for me to find out about his teaching style. Then after I tried Bruno, I have to visit again and try other school such as Peter, Ben and Paulo.
I'll try to email each of this guy, I hope no ego will be any constraint about my questions. I am just a customer that wants to find a new home. Thanks again guys.

Luppabroni, there's a black belt down in Tasmania, Minol Tavares Tutida from Rocha Jiu-Jitsu.