BJJ in Birmingham??

Moving to Birmingham next year. Any gyms in the area focus in the gi? Phone Post

Isn't that in Cullman? Do they have a gym in Birmingham? Phone Post

An hour drive is week worth it. Trust me I do it 3 times a week Phone Post

Well* Phone Post

Wasn't this thread done a while back?

Anyway you said you want to focus on the GI right?

Triad is great albeit a long drive but arguably worth it, and they have very good Bjj instructors and competitors. That have black belt instructors in house full time also.

If your looking for something closer to bham then we have a small gym in Hoover with a small but dedicated group of mostly purple and white belts and myself, a brown belt (although my attendance is very sparce right now). We are a small affiliate of AFC BJJ in Baton Rouge. We have competed regularly in the past and plan to more in the near future.

Also, Todd Chappell has a gym in trussville that is all GI and he is a very talented instuctor as well. He is affiliated with chris Moriarty from Alliance in Atlanta.

There is also Sam Puccio in bham, spartan fitness in Hoover, champions freestyle fitness in vestavia and Childersburg mma in Childersburg. All of the local gyms are great places to train. Some focus more on the GI than others. I would suggest doing some drop ins until you find one that fits the bill. Phone Post

I forgot that there is also a gym in bham lake view area that does the Gracie combatives curriculum. Steve creel is a Gracie blue belt that teaches classes, and I'm pretty sure it's free (Gracie garage) Phone Post

I'm sorry if I left any gyms out. I know there are a few other mma gyms around the area but these that I mentioned are ones I am personally familiar with, and all the ones I mentioned have at least some GI training. Phone Post

Lucian mentioned Spartan. We are just now really starting to focus on Gi training. We have a brown belt that teaches the class. None of us wanted to train in a gi bc its gay but are starting to realize our ground games will get much better if we do. So... we are giving in :/

Anyways, Spartan is in Hoover about a mile from the Galleria mall. A lot of talent and competition in the gym to make you better. Great teachers and a good learning environment.

Triad is a good gym if you can make that drive. Lucian is a well known guy. Not too sure about Champions. I think they focus a bit more on standup like us. Puccio downtown is a black belt I believe but I hear his gym opens and closes all the time and he had some issues with the law and tried to flee the country not too long ago. I don't know that I would go that route

Lol @ "it's gay." hahahaha. Love you Spartans. Phone Post

Thanks guys. I will be seeing you all soon.

I heard that guy teaching in Childersburg is a jerk.

sbjjstreetcop - I heard that guy teaching in Childersburg is a jerk.

Hes not a jerk hes a cop..easy to get the two confused.Haha..very good place to train...and if youre nice you might get out of a ticket.