BJJ in Brooklyn

I have a friend looking for a bjj school in Brooklyn. He lives in the Park Slope area. Please post websites also.


There are a few places, but no where near park slope, that I know of. If he's by the F-train he may want to come to Gene Dunn's, it would take 15 mins tops. The school is on Avenue U and W6th. Gene's a Renzo BB, an awsome coach, and there are a lot of good guys that train there. Very very friendly place (I'm biased, ofcourse). Don't get put off by the fact that it's also a Karate school. Ask anyone that's trained at Renzo's and they'll tell you that the school and Gene's instruction is top of the line.

Another place is Brooklyn BJJ, run by Brian Glick, another Renzo BB. The two schools are affiliated with both Renzo, and eachother. Brooklyn BJJ is in Bensonhurst, I think, so it might be a bitch for your friend to get there. It's also a great school with a good, friendly team.

There is good Judo in Brooklyn as well, if your friend is interested.

Gene and Brian are both great guys, teachers, and bjj guys.

Hey I live in Park Slope too! closest thing you'll get in Park Slope is a bit of Judo at the Berkeley Carroll school on President Street. I think they have classes on Saturday mornings (and maybe 1-2 times more during the week, not sure though). Not sure how big / intensive the classes are, I haven't trained there, just wanted to throw this out ... best bet for BJJ may be what the folks above suggested.

There's a Sambo place in Park Slope/Carroll Gardens called Remix. Here's the website.

Hey I didn't know about the Sambo place, it's pretty close to where I live. Thanks for the info, I might drop by sometime. cool!