BJJ in Brunei

I'm moving to Brunei from the UK in a couple of weeks hopefully. Is there anyone here from Brunei or that knows about the country and whether ther's any BJJ out there? I know there are some clubs in nearby Singapore and Malaysia. If not, would you be interested in starting something in Brunei?

I'm from the only Malaysian BJJ club. There was a Brit or American guy (can't remember) who was looking to start a BJJ club there and was looking to buy mats. This was about a year back. Never kept in touch so didn't know if it took off. Just check for the nearest Judo club if there isn't a BJJ one.

Thanks, KDTA. Are you in Kuala Lumpur by any chance? Do you remember where in Brunei he was from? I'll be in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Yes, I'm in KL. I got your email.