BJJ in Buffalo

Does anyone know of any bjj in buffalo,ny?

When I stay in Buffalo I always take the short drive over to Niagara to train with Esfiha. Awesome instructor.

The below post is redundant info due to Andre being quick on the draw

I do know that if you go past Buffalo into Canada there is Bjj just on the other side of the border in St Catharines.

It's with Ze Mario Esfiha. Great teacher, competiter and all round great guy.

PS: of course I'm a student there so I'm a little bias.

Holy cow Andre how did you know I was typing the same info at he EXACT same time? Uncanny....

Great minds think alike!

You can cross the border in Canada (through the Rainbow bridge in Niagara Falls) and train with Ze Mario Esfiha (BJJ Blackbelt).

Niagara BJJ
486 Grantham Ave (Linwell Plaza)
St. Catherines, ON Canada

or you can drive to Rochester, NY and train with Alexandre "Grandao" Dantas (BJJ Blackbelt from Alliance Team).

Peloton BJJ
42 Nichols (Atlas Fitness)
Spencerport, NY (just outside of Rochester)

Hope that helps.


At (ESFIHA) you don't pay for your first class in any of the classes (sport bjj/sub wrestling/mma/self defence) There are two classes almost every day (basic and int/advance)(except sundays) Check out the website for class times/schedule etc

Currently no blackbelts in the Buffalo NY area, Brown belt in Rochester. But if you want to drive only 35 minutes you can get the best instruction from a world class BB.

The first class is free!!
Plus your American dollar goes a lot farther in Canada.

Train Hard/ hope to see you soon.


FWIW, Esfiha, Alliance BJJ black belt, is always spoken of very highly:

Kyle Saunders (in Rochester) is a Roy Harris brown belt, and I've also heard good things about him:

You can't go wrong with Esfiha!

i drove thru st. catharine's on my way through Hamilton, ON this past weekend.... had no time to stop, though.

ttt, next time you are driving by, drop in and train