BJJ in Charleston SC

Seems to be a couple of good choices available.

Jerry Brewer- Brown belt under Relson
Renato Zambarano- Black belt under a Machado(????)
Bob Mynatt- Brown Belt under ??????

Anyone train under any of them? Recommendations please.


I've trained with Jerry Brewer's crowd when I was out there for business once. Really nice guys. Had a black belt out there named Kimo at the time that was very technical.

Kimo from Relson's?

Invincible - Kimo from Relson's?

Yes Kimo from Relson's. Jerry has always been a very loyal Relson guy. Great jiu jitsu, and a lot of really tough guys there.

I am currently training with Renato Zambonaro. BB under Rigan Machado. Before coming to Charleston he was teaching bjj at BJ Penn's school in Hawaii. I was not aware of Mynatt getting his Brown belt. I have seen him a few times training at Renato's. Very good guy.

Zambonaro info at 843-556-4391. Teaching at 4 locations 6 days a week. Summerville, W.Ashely, Mt.Pleasant, and N.Charleston.

Jerry was my student, is a very nice humble guy and a good teacher. He has a new place with lots of stuff on Rivers Ave near Remount. Bob began his jiu jitsu training with me and I gave him his blue belt. He trained with
Jerry until he wanted to go out and start his own school under someone else. I dont know the brazilian guy.

I'll be down that way for X-Mas and will be sure to drop by some schools and train.