BJJ in Charleston SC

Hey guys. I am travelling from the UK to Charleston SC with work. Any recommendations for the best places to roll? Devine Jiu Jitsu looks like a cool place to roll. 

I've never trained there, but a lot of my Brazilian friends from the main Checkmat school in Rio (FightZone- Ricardo Vieira's academy) get tapped to train and teach at Charleston BJJ fairly regularly. It looks like my friend Cristiano Mendes is there right now, he is a tough black belt. Worth checking out.

Thanks. I might check it out. 

Devine Jiu-Jitsu is great, as are Checkmat Charleston and ATT Lowcountry.

If you are closer to North Charleston, Tick-Tock BJJ is a great place as well. 

Driving around the lowcountry can be a pain since there are limited ways to get places, and lots of traffic at rush hours, so make sure you give yourself enough time if you are trying to get from downtown to Mt. Pleasant, James Island or West Ashley or vice versa.

I will be North Charleston so may check out Tick Tock. I'm not super competitive. A lowly 40 year old blue belt who has been training for just under three years. Just after a place with cool people to get in some decent rolls. 

I am teaching a seminar the first week of December at :


Gym: Charleston Krav Maga, 1250 Wappoo Road, Charleston, SC. The gym is approximately 10 minutes from downtown Charleston.


Instructor: Rafaello Oliveira ( Raf has been training about 18 years now, although he took a break from BJJ to focus on his MMA career. He fought 8 times in the UFC, retired and is now back training BJJ full time. Great guy, zero ego. 


So I ended up training at Devine Jiu Jitsu Daniel Island. A super friendly place and would highly recommend to anyone visiting Charleston. 

My travels continue shortly. Does anyone have any experience of BJJ in the Caribbean island of Curacao?