BJJ in Chicago?

I'm in St Charles, Illinois on business for 2 weeks and was wondering which BJJ schools in Chicago train at the weekends (times/costs) Any help much appreciated

Carlson, you lucky bastid.

Ahh have found his website - many thanks.

"just make sure he is legit"

how would Carlson not be legit?

Carlson of course, also the place where Shonie Carter trains out of. Sorry I don't know the name, but the guy's nameis Bob I think.

Bob Sherwin , spelling maybe wrong tho :)

You guys are killing my name its Bob Schirmer.Weekends are not happening right now because we have so many fights coming up that Saturday mornings are rolling and sparring. Not much in the way of a formal class but indicidual coaching while we roll or spar. If you are interested in coming out please give me a call at 1-708-222-8100 Thanks Master Bob

Might want to check out Jeff Curran's school. He has one in Crystal Lake and I think he either has or did have one in St. Charles.

Jeff Curran,Black belt under Pedro Sauer is in Crystal Lake

I went to the CG school in the end, was most convenient for time i was free at the weekend.

Thanks to all the guys and gals there - nice friendly school.