BJJ in Colorado Springs, CO?

I have a friend who trained under me move to Colorado
Springs, Colorado. He's stationed at Fort Carson in
the US Army and will be there until mid-March. Could
anyone recommend a good BJJ school in town to train
at? He desperately wants to train 2-3 times a week
before he gets deployed to the Middle East.



I've rolled with Ridgeback's guys @ the USAFA. Didn't get to roll w/ him because he was injured, but he seemed to know his stuff, and they were a cool bunch of guys. He posts on here, so keep this up and he'll eventually see it.

Amal Easton Boulder, Colorado...

Thanks for the info., I really appreciate it.

That sounds like it would be great, but he doesn't have
his car on base and is relying on a military van that
takes the soldiers into town. I think Boulder may be
too far away for him?



Amal's school may be a good school BUT Boulder is a helluva long way from Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is about 70 miles from Denver and Boulder is about 30 miles from Denver. So if you want to get to Boulder from Colorado Springs your looking at about 100 or so miles.

Just FYI