BJJ in Colorado Springs

Does anyone know of a reputable BJJ studio in the Colorado Springs, CO area? Did a google search but didn't turn up much. Thanks.

There are no bjj schools in the Springs. I teach a cadet club at the air force academy (I am a blue belt) but that is all I know of in the area. I am a student of Mike Jen so I get all of my technical info. from his instructionals, online training, and private lessons.

Denver has David Ruiz (black belt under Rigan) and Shane Pitts (a brown belt). David's school info can be found at and I am not sure about Shane Pitt's info. I am going to try to get up to Denver to train at Dave's school once a week to work with some more advanced guys but the drive from Canon City can be a long one (5hrs round trip).

Its actually odd that a city the size of the Springs does not have a brown or black belt teaching there, but it is a bjj wasteland for sure.


No BJJ in the springs but there is sub-wrestling at The Defense Institute. Taught by various people some Olympians. Also Mike Van Arsdale trains there on occasion

What are the odds! Now there's two people looking
for a school in the same area!!

Are outsiders welcome to train at your club?


I know I don't keep in touch very well. I will send you a nice long email about the club and how things are going as soon as we get back into the swing of things.

That would be up to the cadets. Its their club so they make all the club decisions besides how we train. Send me an email and tell me a little about yourself and I will pass the info. on to them. We actually are just starting back tomorrow (Tuesday) night since their holiday break. We meet on Tuesday and Wednesday nights currently. You can contact me at and my name is Rick.

I just saw your other thread so I didn't realize you were asking for a friend. Have him email me and I will pass it on. I don't think they would have a problem with a fellow military man training with them.

I know there is a Rigan Machado blue-belt teaching at the UC Colorado Springs. Not sure if that is where you are.


Sounds good. I'll pass on the information to him so he can e-mail you. Thanks again.


There actually is a BJJ school at UCCS off Austin Bluffs. It looks like the teacher is a purple belt (can't tell for sure from the pictures). Here's the web page:

According to the web page they train on Monday and Wednesdays.

Ridgeback, I'll be visiting the Springs next month and would like to find out more about your club also, I'll send you an email.

It's a shame and very surprising that there isn't a larger BJJ school in the Springs, especially considering the military presence there.