BJJ in Dallas

I'm going to be in Dallas from June 10-15. The only academy I know in Dallas is the Machado one (which I think would be pretty good to visit). My hotel is about 15 minutes from the academy, so I'd like to drop in for a class or two.

Anyone got any more info for me? I'll check out the website to look at classes. Any other Dallas BJJ suggestions?


There is a lot of training around Dallas.

Below are just a few.  You may want to check out TXMMA.Com for a full listing. 

Carlos is the man.  I usually train at his academy on Mon/Wednesday.

Robert Defranco & I teach at DFW Jiu-jitsu which is closer to down town.

Yousef is North of Dallas

Alliance Dallas is in Plano.




awesome, thanks HODNEY.

i will be in Grapevine, TX, btw.

looks like machado is my best bet




Hodny seems to have left out the place that gave him all his basic skills.

Mohler is north of dallas.

If you're in Grapevine - Mohler's is the closest school (in Irving) and good training.

i'll try to check out machado's and mohler's

both great schools.

Leo is coming!!!