Bjj in Dallas

So I'm going to be traveling to Dallas next Monday through Wednesday and I was looking for somewhere to drop in and take a class, any suggestions Phone Post

There's a Machado down there isn't there?

What part of town? Dfw is a big place. Location will probably determine a lot.

You will need to be much more specific, I can probably think of twenty black belts teaching in Dallas right off the top of my head. Outside of Southern California I would argue that Dallas has some of the most varied options of Jiu jitsu instruction in the united states. Phone Post

Genesis jiujitsu Phone Post

You are welcome to drop in my gym( I'm not the owner). If you are up for a quick lunch time class stop in. Usually isn't a lot of guys but will be a purple and black for sure. We usually go over a few positions and maybe do some drilling the remainder we roll wednesday 11-12. Everyone is is laid back and good Bjj. We are in Irving . Some other good gyms are mohler,octogon,btt in plano,and Steven hall. There are a lot here and all have different qualities. Let me know

Thanks for the replies guys, I will be right in the downtown area staying at the Fairfield I believe Phone Post

I may have the hotel wrong but looking at the map its next to the uptown neighborhood Phone Post

Based on your location try Octagon MMA, Marcelo Garcia Dallas or Pesaldo's . All within three or four miles from where you will be. Phone Post

I have trained almost everywhere in Dallas, i would have to say that Octavio Couto at Octagon MMA will be your best bet. He was one of Fabricio Werdum's BJJ coaches.

Carlos Machado has his main Academy in Dallas Phone Post

Machados place is about ten miles north of downtown Dallas and from what I understand has a pretty high drop in fee. Phone Post

Professor Carlos will be at our school in SC next week, if not having the head instructor there makes a difference to you. I have not heard about a high mat fee, I will ask him what it is for future reference Phone Post

Don't pass up an opportunity to learn from Octavio "Ratinho" Couto. As one of the early blackbelts under Jacare Calvacante, he's learned from, trained with, and taught some of the all time best. Comprido said in an interview that he calls Ratinho for ideas.

I use moves I learned from Ratinho every roll and have never seen anyone else teach them. Plus he's a wonderful guy, full of enthusiasm and the love of BJJ.

Carlos Machado is also worth whatever you have to pay for a mat fee, at least drop by once for the experience.

I was by no means disputing the worth of Carlos Machado's teachings. Carlos Machado is a legend and if cost isn't a factor by all means you should give it a go.

I live really close to his school, that area is a freaking NIGHTMARE for traffic as well. Probably 76% of my life stress comes from traffic in and around that area.

All that being said enjoy your stay in Dallas and let us know where you ended up training and about your experience. You are welcome at my school but we are about twenty five miles east of Dallas.