BJJ in Europe

I will be traveling through Europe this winter and would like to visit some BJJ school. I know there is a Carlson Gracie affiliate in London. Any other schools with websites?


There are quite a few, not just in London, I know Gracie Barra UK has a website that covers all of their clubs (including London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester etc) with instructors including Roger Gracie, Felipe Souza, Braulio Estima, Marc Walder and Rick Young. Also in London you have Alliance Team UK under Roger Brooking, Rio Grappling Club under ROberto Atalla, the aforementioned Carlson Gracie team (I think the instructor there is Wilson Jr).

There are other clubs dotted about the country as well, you can get a full list on .

Europe is a big place, where will you be travelling? Only UK? (and if so where).

check out and think about this, the only 2 Gracie Barra black belts to win their division at the Mundials this year train in England and Roger has won his division at every belt level!!!

I always thought it's weird that the two current stars of Gracie Barra both teach in the UK. Carlson Gracie London dominated the heavier categories in the last tournament we had in London though (gotta give props where they're due). Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that Barra didn't field many heavyweights... :)

Yeah, because we were too busy closing out the division in the middleweights!

Plus of course you get the benefit that a few Gracie Barra London guys post on here.

for carlsons email: if you're passing through

Cadu is a great guy and teacher if you are in thos places.
You on his team BillyN?

In Italy you can find Rodolfo Amaro, brazilian black belt, he's teaching BJJ in a couple of gym here in Milano.

This is our website:

We will update it soon with more info and of course, an english version.

BJJ in Germany:

BJJ in Oslo, Norway :


what about nuremberg

The Helsinki jiu-jitsu club in Finland. They've got a couple of European Champions there. And training is very affordable at their gym.

It looks like Im doing London, Paris, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. I appreciate any help you can give me!


i believe Rodolfo Amaro (Brazilian Black Belt) teaches out of "Dino Fuoco"'s gym in Milan, Italy.

you can post and attention to Dino for more info i think.

In sweden go to

Kazeka Muniz has a new gym in the North West of England too.

In fact all we need are fit birds in thongs, nice beaches, good weather, a decent football team, less money and a few thousand miles of rain forest and it wouldn't be so hard to imagine you were actually in Brazil when travelling around England.