BJJ in Florence Italy???

Just wondering if there were any places to train in Florence Italy? Even if not BJJ any submission wrestling, mma etc???

Does anyone from Italy even post on here?


Does he run a club or school there? (Does he speak english?

Any idea on how to get in touch with him?


I usually seek out BJJ schools while I'm on the road for business. Never ocurred to me to look when I was in Florence on vacation last Nov. The things you find on the Underground....

thanks guys!

Damn, there's even an italian forum !!!!!

Anyway there are at least two italian members who post here, me and DinoFuoco.

Synthesis Gym
Via G. Manfredi, 18 - Firenze

N. Brogelli e F. Salvini

Vale Tudo, BJJ, Submission Grappling

I'm trying to find out an e.mail address or a phone number

Here's another one:

Accademia A. S. Astri in Cerchio

Via di Calenzano, 51 (Zona Stadio)
Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
tel. 339 41 08 355

Armando Ciccarella
Stefano Lunardi

BJJ, Submission Grappling

Thanks savateur!

Savateur, shoot me an e-mail ( )I want to talk to you about something, or just post your e-mail here.


Wasn't the Italian BJJ guy who beats up the karate guy on Bullshido in Florence?