BJJ in Fort Lauderdale?

I'll be in town Thursday for business. I'm looking for a place to roll during the day. I know Popovitch is there but seems to only have night classes Thursday. Any help?


Can't go wrong with American Top Team. Plus Rafael Diaz is an awesome instructor. :)

TTT for

mccarthy's and coconut creek isnt far from downtown

I will be staying in Ft Lauderdale April 7-11. I am planning on going to ATT at least once.

att class is no gi. any gi options?

Popovich is in FTL.

Raphael Dias!

Popovitch has day classes Mon,Wed and Friday at 10am. Soon we will have a other location in Pembroke Pines FL


If you get the chance, south florida is really sweet for BJJ, and if your schedule can fit it, train at as many places you can. They are all great schools and have awesome instructors.

ATT FTL and Popovitch downtown, if you want to drive, there's ATT Main Academy in Coconut Creek, Gracie Miami, FFA, One Dragon (SBG), you have a really wide choice and if you can, train at them all.

Boa Sorte!

Edited: sorry, just noticed you are in town for one day. :(

I train in Cape Coral with Gustavo Machado black belt Sean Wilson.

I think ATT FL is it, then. I'll be by Thursday morning if everything
works out. Anyone know the mat fee?


try go to ATT FTL, it`s on broward avenue and 7 st