BJJ in Garfield comic strip Sunday

In today's (Feb. 29) Sunday comics, it shows Jon's grandma come over and put him in a rear naked choke. Nothing else to say, just thought it was funny.

If there is someone who is more computer literate than me, go to and click on "Today's Comic" you could post on here if you so desire. I don't have a clue.

That is cool :-)


Awesome. John Arbuckle looks like the cartoon version of Jeff Blatnick.

It reminds me of the Trigg Vs Hughes fight.

LOL @ Robin Patterson accusing Granny Arbuckle of doing a work.

She obviously used a short armdrag to take the back as well.


Cool she said Martial Arts and used a sub though.

Yeah yeah about the "pro wrestling" bit. The only reason I stated it was BJJ is because she did say martial arts and it is a pretty tight hold.

I was also wondering if by saying she wanted to watch the "Martial Arts Comp," Granny was implying the UFC or something. Who knows, maybe Jim Davis watches.

that actually looks like a text book rear naked choke. You can't necessarily tell that the arm is in the choke. It's in the air put she may just have yanked him back.

ha, I didn't read the paper yesterday, and just read it this morning and was going to post it! Good stuff.

I like the "urk" from Jon, I've felt that way before, lol

great stuff!