BJJ in Glorious Closter NJ

Hi all,

My name is Jamie Cruz. I am a Black Belt in jiu-jitsu under Renzo Gracie with 9 years of training. I just wanted everyone to know that I am moving my classes from Bergenfield NJ to Closter NJ about 15 min away. If you live or are in the area you should come check it out. Classes are all levels Beg-Advanced. Classes will be Tue 8-10, Wed 7:30-9:30, and Fri 8-10 thats all PM starting January 25th. One hour of instruction and one hour of live training and I have plenty of wreslters to do stand up with ( I love it when they pick me up and slam me :o)) I am sure all BJJ guys do...I still actively train and compete so please dont be shy :o)

The location is Nothern Valley Fitness Center located:

91 Ruckman road
Closter NJ, 07624
(201) 784-9559


why is this werd DRC??

cause you da man son.

DRC rules the world

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king of the island that is strong..

R u ready to train bro??

but its true it is werd :o(

What's up Jamie. I met you a long time ago when I was looking for a place to train & checking out the IMATC. I ended up training somewhere else closer to me, but I remember that you had some of the best technique in the ny/nj area....

How much are you charging per month?

Are you planning on having classes on the weekends?

Thanks for the heads up. I have to come by to check you guys out.

Good Luck with everything by the way!

Any chance of a weekend class developing?

HumbleGrappler whats up my good man. glad you are training. Weekend classes soon to come and will be announced but I just wanted to get it started and I have some scheduling conflicts I need to work out


yea we have to train bro, come in to Renzo's this Thursday.

TTT for Jamie

Glad to see you are on your own now, and running classes out of Big
Dave's gym. I wish you the best of luck.

Anyone in the area should check out classes with Jamie and his team.
Awesome group, very technical and tough as hell. I wish I lived closer
to come out and roll with you again.


I cant I am teaching :o(

just kidding..

OK it will be a fine day for me to suck wind cuz my cardio is a mess

dude e-mail me

sorry if this is annoying but I need to TTT the hell out of this thread because the gym got a lo of phone calls about classes yesterday

so without further delay TTT

only 15 minutes away from work, nice

"only 15 minutes away from work, nice"

I know its about the same for me too from my other job. I work in Park Ridge. Its just to bad I live in Glen Rock which is mopre like a half hour and I normally would go home first anyway unless I go to yoga in between my class and work

Please feel free to ttt as useful (drives down the Rickson vs Kimbo threads :-)

dude e-mail me.

Please feel free to ttt as useful (drives down the Rickson vs Kimbo threads :-)